Individual and Family Health Plan Prices

Physicians Choice Insurance Service represents several PPO and HMO Health Plans, as well as HSA plans designed to lower the cost of your healthcare premiums by as much as 35%. **

Patients often referred to us have one or more of the following needs:

  • Getting high quality, affordable, health  insurance

  • Saving on their healthcare insurance premiums (as much as 35% with HSA plans)**

  • Individuals, Families and Self employed people wanting the tax benefits of a HSA Qualified Healthplan (potentially save hundreds of dollars)**

  • Affordable Care Act Plans

  • Small Group Coverage

  • Early retirees that need coverage until they reach Medicare Eligibility

If you have any of these needs, give us a call or request an appointment.

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**“These HSA-eligible plan premiums were, on average, 35 percent less than surveyed employers’ traditional plan premiums for single coverage and 29 percent less than surveyed employers’ traditional plan premiums for family coverage.”
United States Government Accountability Office 
Early Enrollee Experiences with Health Savings Accounts and Eligible Health Plans 
August 2006 #GAO-06-798

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